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Software Recognition
and Desktop SAM
  • Web-based Software Asset Management Framework
  • Software License Tracking and Management
  • SCCM Normalization and cleansing
  • Software Categorization
  • License Type Assignment
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Desktop SAM Starts Here

Streamline enriches data from SCCM, MS MAP & other leading tools, delivering a web-based dashboard to identify License Risks, Productivity Risks, Security Risks, and many other cost-saving SAM views.

Start your SAM strategy moving in the right direction using Streamline and get a grasp of your license position within minutes of uploading  your data.

Who can benefit from Streamline?

  • Software Asset Managers
    Gain control of your software environment by establishing your license position.
  • SCCM Managers
    Make sense of your SCCM data. Cleanse, normalize and categorize for better reporting.
  • Security Advisors
    Identify potential security risks such as peer-to-peer sharing apps and malware.
  • Service Desk
    Quickly approve software installs using license pools.
  • Purchasing Departments
    Easily analyze license deficits, and enter newly purchased licenses from an intuitive interface. License entitlements are automatically calculated.

Powerful Features

  • Industry leading Software Normalization and Categorization
  • Automatic ISO-19770-2 standardized naming
  • Identify  auditable vs free, OpenSource, trial, components, beta, etc.
  • Identify software End-of-Support dates
  • Target auditable titles from all commercial vendors
  • Auto-connect legacy vendors ( i.e. Macromedia owned by Adobe)
  • Automatically differentiate between Suites  & Standalone software
  • Software Catalog updated daily - with 1.6 Million unique titles from 72,000+ vendors
  • Works with Windows, MAC, Unix, & Linux titles

How does Streamline work?


Collect your inventory data using your existing tool (SCCM, Lansweeper etc.) If you don’t have one, use Microsoft MAP for free!

Upload your data securely into our web portal.


Streamline instantly cleanses your raw data.

Normalize - Corrects mispellings, missing publishers names, missing models and versions.

Categorize - Software titles are sorted into product families and assigned ISO standard software categorization types.

Organize - Assigns license types, End-of-support dates and MSRP values.


Enter your license counts and entitlements are automaticaly calculated.

Output any view to a spreadsheet for easy manipulation and customized reporting.

View vendor license sumary, drill down to specific titles and identify devices with unauthorized software.

Output security reports and device age reports.

How does Software Recognition work?

The most important part of SAM is having really good data. Without quality data,  you’ll be lost down the rabbit hole. Mismatched or missing publisher names, spelling errors, foreign language titles, it can get pretty messy. What about vendor acquisitions? Macromedia becomes Adobe, Quest Software becomes Dell, then becomes Quest again. How do you keep track of it all in order to manage your licenses properly? That’s where our proprietary Software Recognition engine comes in.

Over the last decade we have built a catalog of over 1.6 Million unique titles from over 72,000 different software publishers.

When your data is uploaded into your account, our Recognition engine kicks in and compares the titles against the catalog to recognize all the variations and correct them on the fly. Our unique algorithms extract key information from the titles to auto-populate missing version and vendor information.
Raw SCCM data
Streamlined data

Vendor Overview

At a glance, get an overview of your license entitlement position for any vendor by clicking the vendor name. Quickly identify license gaps, quantity of licenses required and overall cost of the shortage based on MSRP value. Drill down on any title for version breakdown and device

Product Families

Product Lines are automatically grouped into product families for simplified licensing.

Individual office applications like Access and Outlook are automatically identified separately from Suites (Such as Office Standard and Office Pro+ ) without any intervention from the user - so they can be licensed appropriately.

Product Versions are grouped together

Filter out the noise!

Built-in reports allow you to filter out all the components, drivers, free and open-source software from view so that you can focus on the important stuff - licensable titles!

Quickly drill down to your auditable titles, view business specific product-lines, or see all your raw SCCM data.

Use the Distractions reports to identify security risks, peer-to-peer file sharing programs, malware, games and more.

Use your rights!

Are you taking advantage of your Product Use Rights? You could be overpaying for licenses simply by not leveraging all of Microsoft's Product Use Rights.

Cascading Downgrade Rights

Automatically allocate unused licenses to lower versions of installs. Each time you enter new licenses, our software will systematically assign any unused portion to lower versions, minimizing deficits.

Multiple Use Rights - Duplicate Redaction

Often multiple versions of the same software are found on a device, but only 1 needs to be counted for licensing! Streamline automatically identifies duplicate installs and exempts them from licensing to reduce your license requirement count, saving you money!

Historical Data Points

Every inventory point is recorded for historical retention and serves as an audit-trail. Using the data points you can identify trends in software requirements to help with license forecasting, and spot sudden spikes in deployment which may indicate an error in your corporate image.

Effective License Position (ELP) Output

Export a Microsoft desktop ELP Report summarizing your licensing deltas, broken down by product line and version.

Quickly and easily identify shortages and overages and plan for your next True-Up or Contract Renewal with more insight and confidence than ever before.
"If you take the output of a traditional SAM tool, then hire a black-belt licensing specialist
to refine the data for  a few months – you might have something close to the out-of-the-box
service deliverable from AssetLabs."
-Martin Thompson
Founder of the ITAM Review
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